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Our Favorite Interior Design Trends For 2019

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

By Laura James, Amy Williams and Priscilla Angel, Fairmont Agency

Here at Fairmont Agency we all have a distinctive sense of personal style which makes home shopping with us so much more fun!! Here is a quick look into each of our personal favorite interior design trends for 2019.


Hi Laura here!! Here are a few of my favorite interior design trends for 2019. As you will see many of these are making their way into the design of our hopefully new home (fingers crosses because I have pretty much designed the interior already).


Okay, so maybe this isn't a 2019 specific trend but will always top my list. When designing a room or a whole home it is important to select really good timeless pieces that will last and survive the ever evolving trends. As styles evolve (which is evident by lists like this every year or hell even every season) you can pick up easy pieces to mix in with your classic pieces to stay up to date and avoid having a room look completely dated in a few years.


We are seeing lots a feminine colors like blush, dusty pink and bronze. Warm colors and feminine tones for the walls and dashes of soft pinks and golds to break up expanses of taupe or neutrals will instantly update a tired room. Now I am not talking about a pink palace here, just touches here and there to soften up and add interest to the space.


Fixtures are a fun and easy way to update a space and show off your personality. Extra points if you grab them from local artist and small businesses. Artisan fixtures really personalize your home and is a fun shift form functional to beautiful.


So this one I have jumped head first on - and am having a custom velvet seating set for the living room made. So not so long ago, velvet was seen as old fashion and stuffy (GUILTY) but now are transitioning to be viewed as a luxurious yet funky.


Here is another one that has taken over my design plans. My current home is 90% grey with subtle pops of color. My (hopefully) new home will be filled with bright bold rich colors. That velvet couch I mentioned above - will either be bold blue, emerald green or orange (yes, I said orange). We are still waiting for color swatches (oh and the final paperwork on the house) before we finalize. Richer hues throughout your home can make your more muted furnishings and decorative decor pop. Lookout for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens.


Hey, its Priscilla. And for 2019 I am all about FARMHOUSE CHIC. So here are my keys to achieving this look.


Black accents are key in achieving the modern farmhouse look, often seen in industrial light fixtures or cabinet hardware. Black painted doors or window frames are also great ways to add that signature black.

RUSTIC WOOD Rustic wood can be used in a number of ways from an oversized table or a barn door. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or keep it a tad more simple, a wood base or hanging shelves in the kitchen would work perfectly as well. A barn door definitely adds a whole lot of character, don’t you think?! ;)


White walls and shiplap are kind of a big deal! I’m combining these together because they pretty much go hand-in-hand. You can’t really have a modern farmhouse without these key elements.


Different patterns and textures and adding some greenery will also help break up that white backdrop.


Last but not least, Furniture! Cozy is ALWAYS the way to go. Slip covered sofas and chairs or warm leather sectionals are 2 great examples of furniture you can use to make your house a home.


The design trend I’m loving right now is the dark accents throughout the house… black window frames, dark fixtures in the bathroom, dark front doors and a dark wall are just some ways homeowners are incorporating this trend into their homes. I think going with a bold accent color looks rich and makes a statement in the home. Here are some examples:





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