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Creepiest Haunted Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

You don't have to be a ghost hunter to appreciate a little paranormal activity come October. It's the one time of year when everyone craves an experience that will either give them goosebumps or scare them silly—and these Airbnb rentals just might deliver both. That's right: You won't be the only occupants. So if you've always read about or taken tours of haunted houses, then you can now level up by booking these haunted Airbnbs. Just don't come crying to us when things go bump in the night during your stay.

First up is this mysterious house in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It's guarded by a doberman named Scotch and has a dark and ominous exterior. You can see the complete rental listing HERE.

Next up is this Savannah, Georgia, cabin that was built back in 1799 and now is prime real estate on the trail of ghost tours in the city — it was even part of the set for Robert Redford's film The Conspirator.

The floor-to-ceiling wood makes this cabin almost cozy — if you can get past the spookiness of it. Interested? You can rent out the entire home for $178 per night. CLICK HERE to see the rental.

Our final spooky rental is this Historic Civil War Farmhouse. The farmhouse is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and was used as a hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg. As a result, the home is allegedly haunted — but the hosts promise the ghosts are friendly. To book this haunted house, CLICK HERE.

So what haunted house will you be booking??

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